I´m a follower (2013)

Beskrivelse: En frimodig bekjennelse.
Følg meg. Jeg er en etterfølger!

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Gospel

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Follow me! Be a follower!

In our world today
most people won´t say
that they have a personal belief.
Some run and hide.
They will not decide.
They´ve lost their freedom
just like a thief.

I will raise my hand,
and praise the Lord!
I am not ashamed
to worship Him.
´Cause I won´t run and hide.
The decision is mine.
If someone asks me I won´t deny!

I´m a follower. I´m following Him.
Jesus is my shepherd and Lord.
I follow Him and worship His name.
I´ll fight for him with words
and no sword.

When He calls my name.
I will raise my hand
and show Him my face.
When He calls my name.
I will not be ashamed to say:
You are my Saviour, my Lord!

Follow me! Be a follower!


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