Life is a journey (2012)

Beskrivelse: Glad-country om reise gjennom livet
sammen med Jesus som guide.

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Gospel

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Life is a journey. A travelling life.
Walking through valleys
and mountains high.
I am a sailor struggling
through the waves of strife.
Climbing the hills on the cloudy day.
Crossing wide rivers
thats on my way.
Yes, I am travelling night and day.
A travelling life!

But I am walking
all the time with Jesus.
Walking all the time.
Walking every day and night.
Yes, I am travelling
with Jesus as my travelling guide.
He shows me the way to heaven.
Shows me where to go.
Giving me a helping hand.
He is my travelling guide.
He is my comfort, and Im
walking on day and night
with Jesus by my side.

He is the way that I choose to go.
He is the truth I am loving so.
He is the light I use
to lighten up my way.
He is the light Im relying on.
He is the Father. He is the Son.
He is my travelling guide.
He promises to stay!


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