In this room (2002)

Beskrivelse: Om å samles i kirkerommet
for å berøres av Gud.

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Gospel

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In this room we gather
In this room we can approach
In this room together
in this room we meet our coach

We can hear His holy words
as we sing His own accords
We can meet His holy,
heavenly chosen groom
in this holy room

We can spell His holy name
and we´ll never be the same

We can praise and we can pray
and we´ll know He´ll bless the day

We can feel His gently touch
as we think it´s far too much

We can see His empty cross
and we´ll live, He died for us
We can be His holy, heavenly bride
and stand by is side

We can touch His wounded hand
and we´ll se His holy land

We can long to see Him soon
escalate as a balloon


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