Blue memories (2008)

Beskrivelse: Skjærtorsdag sitter disiplene bak stengte dører...
Plutselig er han der!
De kan ta på han - han lever!

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Påske

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Blue. Having the blue mood in my soul.
Thinking of how I listened to your gently words filled with light and love.
My heart melts in the memory of you.
Ice is melting. Tears disappear.
I feel the sun warms again.
Here I sit alone, and I think of you.
Blue memories of blue words.
I am blue.

Suddenly you come through the door.
We feel the sun warms again.

We are gathered now!
We can talk with you.
Lord Christ!We can touch you!
You´re alive!


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