Bound for the promised land (2016)

Beskrivelse: Leirmøtehymne / white spiritual.

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Negro spiritual

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1. On Jordans stormy banks I stand
and cast a wishful eye
to Canaans fair and happy land
where my possessions lie

2. O, the transporting rapt´rous scene
that rises to my sight
Sweet field arrayed in living green
and rivers of delight

Refr.: I am bound for the promised land
I´m bound for the promised land
O, who will come and go with me?
I am bound for the promised land

3. There generous fruits that never fail on trees immortal to grow
There rocks and hills and brooks
and vales with milk and honey flow


4. Soon will the Lord my soul prepare
for joys beyond the skies
where neverceasing pleasures roll
and praises never die



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