Surrounded (2014)

Beskrivelse: Vi er omgitt av Gud svevende i et ufattelig stort univers.
Tenk at Gud kom til vår lille jord med en evighets- og fellesskapsgave.

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Gospel

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We are surrounded.
1. Think of universe.
It´s a mystery. The universe
Think that you can fly
and pass the moon
Think you´re on a journey
passing Mars and passing Jupiter
Think you´re journey´s just begun

2. Look at galaxies.
They are mysteries. The galaxies
Look into the blue and endless space
Look into your own eternity
God´s lovely blessings
Look back on our own blue planet

Oh, holy God!
Oh, holy God, my Lord, I wonder
how many worlds
your words have made
I see the stars,
they shine in galaxies; millions of stars
Oh, what a power in the creation
you have displayed

3. Lord of universe
You´re the mystery of universe
We don´t have to fly
and pass the moon
We don´t have to seek you on Mars
or on Jupiter
Lord, you came to our blue planet

You came to us
You came to us with your salvation
you came to us to be our guide
you came to us to stay among us all
all night and day
We are surrounded with all your spirit;
by all your love


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