Waiting for memories (2002)

Beskrivelse: En dag skal vi se en åpen himmel, en uendelighet uten smerter og ondskap. Noen har reist allerede, og snart skal vi også reise over Jordan.

Typer kor: Blandakor

Type sang: Jazz

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Waiting for memories to come
Waiting for en to start, my friend
1. Waiting for the city of peace
where all the streets are made of gold
2. Like you heard in a lullaby
there is a city made of gold

Someone has left before you
Soon you will travel too
you´ll meet young and old
Over Jordans water
on the other river shore
There will be no
1. pain no more
2. end no more

One day you are in a higher place
You won´t be waiting no more,
my friend
The earth is new,
and heaven is open for you
And you can see and understand
No time, no limitations
You won´t be waiting no more,
my friend


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